NoNo Hair Removal

NO! NO! Hair Removal Review

What is the NO! NO! Hair Removal

The NoNo Hair Removal system is a series of small to medium size razors. But they’re not like any ordinary razors, the No! No! Razor uses what's known as “Pulsed Thermicon Technology”. A painless and long lasting hair removal that required no form of using waxing, lasers, plucking or razor blade. Also, due to it’s size, it’s easier to use for the legs, body, arms and especially the face.


The Pros of using the NO! NO! Hair Removal

With the NO! NO! Hair Removal, you don’t have to worry about/go through the pain (both in a literal and physical sense) of shaving. There’s no more accidental razor cuts or the consent hesitation of tearing the waxing pad off the leg. And according to the main site, the benefits of using NO! NO! Hair Removal are: (a) there’s no skin damaging laser light and IPL treatment. (b) works great for all hair colors and types. (c) cost less. The NO! NO! Hair Removal is also travel size. And since it’s a rechargeable, it’s a great tool if you need a quick touch up here and there. Forgot to mention that both men and women can use the NO! NO! Hair Removal, and both the design and colors, they are cute.


The Cons of using the NO! NO! Hair Removal

Though it seems like a remarkable shaving tool, it does has its drawbacks. Many people who use the NO! NO! Hair Removal has complained about how there's a burning hair smell and that the NO! NO! Hair Removal takes far too long in the shaving process than shaving with an ordinary razor blade. And speaking of long, the coarser the hair, the longer it takes. And according to the main site, when using the NO! NO! Hair Removal is not recommended for the breast, genital and eyebrows. That's due to them being sensitive areas; but the product claims to be painless, so what gives? Also, going to get waxed or having someone else shave your legs might cost a lot of money, but so do the actual razors. One of the razors can run for $289.85.



NO! NO! Hair Removal seems like a razor that only good for minor touch-ups on the arms, legs, and face. In my opinion, if you can‘t handle razor blades, waxing or the slow process, of the NO! NO! Hair Removal, then I would recommend using things like Nair. It's fast, painless and you can choose where you want your hair to be removed from.