NoNo Hair Removal

Why Choose No No

No No


There are many people especially women with unwanted body hair. There is no help for women to get rid of their hair with a gently system and in the privacy of their own home. The No No hair removal system will help a woman get a close shave and over time the hair will stop growing back. This system can be used on the face, legs, and even sensitive areas such as the bikini line. 

The NoNo Hair Removal is a small device that sends electric pulses through a thin wire and these pulses shock the root of the hair. Over a period of time the hair follicles will be destroyed and the hair will not grow back. When a person continues to use the No No system they will notice that the hair will grow in less often and it will be less noticeable. There may be some stubble left after the treatments. The stubble are made of up of a group of single hair. After using the No No system a buffer should be used to get rid of this stubble and allow a person to have smooth skin that they are looking for. 

The No No system has evolved over time. The new system is more effective. The device comes in new colors and there are two levels for hair removal treatment. There is also a new LCD screen so a person can check the status of their device. This new system is gentle enough to use on the face and now the system is rechargeable. It is small enough to take on the go and over time will allow a person to have the smooth skin that they are looking for.