NoNo Hair Removal

The No!No! Hair Removal System

The No!No! Hair Removal System

Pain Free Hair Removal 

Hair removal can be a painful process. Not so with the No!No! Hair removal system. Using gentle electricity and heat it removes the follicle of any errant hairs on virtually any part of the body in a pain free fashion. 

This product is sleek, looks like a flip phone, and weighs less than a pound. It is cordless and rechargeable. The No!No! Pro Hair Removal System also comes in 3 different colors: pink, black, and blue. 
Savings From Other Hair Removal Methods 

For dedicated users, this product will remove hair over timee by weakening the hair follicles. It will save you both pain and money from the traditional waxing and laser treatments, the No!No! Classic being sold online for $200-300. 
How Does It Work? 

The No!No! Hair Removal System works by using "pulsed Thermicon technology" to abolish errant hair from the face and body. This technology puts pulses of heat to the follicle, destroying it, and inhibiting hair regrowth. 
Side Effects/Other Information 

It has no side effects, is painless, and for the patient, works well at removing body and facial hair. The smell of burning hair and small puffs of smoke will happen, is normal, and you must make sure to read the instructions thoroughly, as you may burn yourself using this product if you aren't careful.

The NoNo Hair Removal System is not for use on genitals or breasts. There are several different versions of this hair removal system: the mini, which is small enough to fit in your purse, the classic, and the pro version.