NoNo Hair Removal

NoNo Hair Removal System

The NoNo Hair Removal System Works on Thermal Technology

Many people enjoy having the look and feel of soft, smooth skin. Women in particular, often choose to shave the hair on their legs and under their arms in order to have a cleaner look and feel. In most cases, smooth skin is obtained through the process of hair removal. Some issues people have with the traditional process of hair removal is the mess associated with application and the continual regrowth of stubble. A new process of hair removal uses a heated pulse designed to penetrate down to the shaft, which eliminates the mess and most of the regrowth. The NoNo Hair Removal system utilizes this pulse and is designed specifically for home use.

Reducing the Appearance of Stubble

Anyone interested in learning more about the NoNo Hair Removal system could find helpful information available online. This information could include details about how the process works to reduce the amount of stubble that grows back after each application. This particular process uses thermal technology to send a heated pulse into the shaft of the hair follicle. This loosens the hair so that it is easily removed without causing irritation to the surrounding skin. It also works on destroying the follicle itself so that in time it will no longer produce hair.


Easy to Use

Unlike messy hair removal applications such as those requiring wax or depilatory creams, the NoNo Hair Removal system comes in a self contained easy to hold device. The advancements in technology have allowed this system to expand to include the classic model as well as a micro unit designed especially for the removal of facial hair and a professional version capable of handling more energy for faster treatments. In addition to the device's sleek design and rechargeable battery, it is now available in assorted colors of royal blue, black and hot pink.